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November 10, 2004

Straight From John P.

Word from the small press comics legend John Porcellino posted to his web site on his forthcoming publishing plans, which he was kind enough to unpack and translate as follows:
* Drawn and Quarterly will be publishing a new edition of his out-of-print Highwater Books collection Perfect Example in Fall 2005.

* Zak Sally's La Mano will publish Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man in early 2005, which will include mosquito stories from 10 years of Porcellino's seminal mini-comic King-Cat Comics and Stories.

* Sometime in 2005 Ego Comme X will publish a French-language book to be called Moon Lake Trails. It will consist of much of the material in Perfect Example and a few added stories.

* The next issue of King-Cat Comics and Stories will be a giant-sized issue featuring the 60-page "Last Days at the Old House" effort, and should also be out early in 2005.

A favorite of his cartooning peers, Porcellino may be the most widely-admired comics talent to emerge from the mini-comics scene, where he still does the bulk of his initial publishing. An example of his approach to comics can be found here.
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