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February 4, 2005

Books Released From SC Customs

US Customs wasn't willing to fight for their claim that two books seized in South Carolina as part of a shipment to Top Shelf were piratical works rather than satire. It should. The Comics Journal has the fullest report up this at this point in the morning. The works in question were by Peter Kuper and Bojan Redzic.

Here's the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund press release, openable in Word: Customs

UPDATE: Since some of you read these things very, very closely, I'll announce I'm still working on two stories -- a story about the seizure looking into the idea of "winning on principle" and a story on press sources, in particular the Comics Journal, holding a story like this one. Both are issues I've brought up before, and my judgment is they deserve fuller coverage. I'm working as fast as I can, I swear. I appreciate your keeping me on my toes.

UPDATE 4 PM Mountain Time: One down, one to go.
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