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November 9, 2006

Subtleties of Kerry Comment Cartoon Fail To Impress Wounded Vet Group


While you and I might look at the above and see editorial cartoonist Randy Bish of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and see a comment on the towering mudheadedness of John Kerry's recent statement on education and Iraq by suggesting this sort of extreme statement is either implicit in what he says or can now be said for him against his expressed desire, the PR director of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Ray Funderburk, sees someone making fun of the medal and its 40,000-plus recipients.

Daily Cartoonist assembled this first. Editor and Publisher had something this morning. The cartoonist responds in humorous fashion. All three sources give details of Funderburk's letter. The job of big paper editorial cartoonist become more like that of the small-town reverend with each passing day.
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