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August 19, 2008

Summons And Venue At Issue In Sine Case Going Before LICRA Next Month

The French comics news clearinghouse has an update on the status of the case against the cartoonist Maurice "Sine" Sinet, fired from Charlie Hebdo after a comment about the son of French President Nicholas Sarkozy was charged with anti-Semitism. This is some of interest not just because of the profession of the person making the comment and the job from which he was fired, but because Charlie Hebdo won a significant case brought against it by Muslim groups that objected to their coverage of the Danish Cartoons Controversy and is generally a beneficiary of free expression. Obviously, these developments could be interpreted as working against that general spirit.

A couple of the more interesting pieces of analysis mentioned in that article, if I'm getting it correctly, notes that Sine's September hearing before a committee designed to hear cases like this (LICRE) will take place in Lyons, not France and that a reading of the summons shows more at issue than the Sarkozy commentary. What I think is a much less interesting line of reasoning seems to be suggesting that the committee's decision will justify or fail to justify the reasons given for the firing by Sine's employer.
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