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November 4, 2011

Susie Cagle Charged With Misdemeanor At Occupy Oakland

The cartoonist and journalist Susie Cagle was charged with a "Present At Raid" misdemeanor after spending the night split between two Oakland-area jails. Cagle was scooped up by Oakland police at the Occupy Oakland event, which she's covering as a credentialed journalist. According to her twitter feed -- comics' most exciting twitter feed right now -- Cagle was kept from her possessions even after being released from jail, including the keys to her home. Cagle shows no sign of backing off of her coverage despite what could be considered a series of discouragements in the form of her arrest, detention and the promise of future arraignment. That Cagle was picked up at all despite her credentials being in clear view and apparently one of the police officers on the scene even recognizing her and knowing her work is outrageous. That same link points out that other journalists have received this treatment at Occupy events.

There's some additional news coverage at Poynter,, a Bay Area ABC affiliate, the community-based site through which she received her funding for the effort Spot.Us and In These Times. There's even a story filed by a Manila-based news service. I'm a little perplexed by prominent mentions that Cagle is the daughter of well-known on-line cartoonist and cartoon site organizer Daryl Cagle -- that seems beside any point save trivia, and kind of patronizing. Daryl Cagle's own employment of this information is much more understandable, of course.
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