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November 14, 2014

The Comics Studies Society Organizes At ICAF

The longtime writer about comics, educator and scholar Charles Hatfield led a meeting during the lunch period at today's International Comic Arts Forum session in Columbus, Ohio to announce, further organize and gauge initial interest in a new professional organization for comics educators and scholars.

The Comics Studies Society will promote the interests of that group of comics-interested professionals, which will include those involved in the study of comics at the university level and those involved in teaching comics. It will also included independent scholars. An ad hoc ballot was presented, voted upon and collected at the meeting with three officers running unopposed and a pool of ten members-at-large candidates expected to yield four such members.

The Interim President, Interim Secretary and Interim Treasurer candidates were Charles Hatfield, Susan Kirtley and Nhora Serrano, respectively. The pool of at-large membership candidates was Corey K. Creekmur, Brian Cremins, Richard Graham, Mark Heimermann, Aaron Kashtan, Andy Kunka, Andrei Molotiu, Matthew J. Smith, Rebecca Wanzo and Qianna Whitted.

The meeting took place in the Will Eisner seminar room at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum. I would say the crowd was between 45 and 50 interested people. The OSU professor Jared Gardner, helping to physically run the meeting, said that some folks were allowed to vote without being there. General aims and principles such as a commitment to diversity and a desire to mentor younger members split time with discussion of practical matters that should face the new group immediately, such as a dues structure and non-profit status.

We wish the new group the best of luck and look forward to seeing what they accomplish.
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