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April 25, 2005

The Island of Lost Comic Book Articles

Although well written and nicely selected, this massive New York Times Book Review article read kind of strange to me in that there's so little in the way of deeper analysis in its discussion of the books themselves. With an opening tying all comics into superhero story structures and its personal, confessional nature, the piece by the author John Hodgman reminds me of one of those early '80s newspaper columns that used to pop up where the comics fan on staff got 30 inches to chatter on about their love for Cerebus, Love and Rockets and Concrete.

It was a weekend full of old-school comics articles. In the "comics are worth money" department, Forbes offered up investment insights from a hardcore Golden Age collector, which is worth reading for its discussion of a rare Lou Fine cover. NBM's Nancy Drew effort has led to a lot of publicity-driven coverage, including this one about the Americanization of manga that talks about style issues in a manner that feels a few years old. There was this profile of Lawrence Klein and the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art that takes the "Comics in Museums? Holy Degradation of Fine Art Standards" approach. Finally, in case you missed any business article on comics in the last two months, this article about the Indian market seems to repeat salient facts from all of them at one time or another.

Although there's one thing about that Indian market article that never occurred to me until now, largely because I'm a spottily educated TV-lobotomized hillbilly who could care less about people further away than I can shoot from my porch: the Indian market would potentially be an English-language market, I think, which for one thing could be a real boon as far as English translations of French albums go.
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