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November 18, 2015

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* we're a little bit all over the place heading into the last several weeks of the year. Festival-goers are looking towards CALA, a necessary comics show for the combination of unique creative community and strong comics readership. Midwesterners are looking towards Genghis Con. Some of the mainstream folks I know are doing a regional or even local show or two before wrapping it up for the year. Earlier this week I saw some folks had attended Eucon, which is one I hadn't heard of before.

* speaking of Genghis Con, I'm not sure I've linked to their full exhibitors list.

* there are some interesting conflicts and jam-ups next year. The late March/early April cluster is tough, with MoCCA and WonderCon and SPACE and ECCC crowding into three weekends with a potential third year for Linework NW possible and likely somewhere close to those dates. Lakes and CXC -- the show with which I'm involved -- will take place on the same weekend before 2017, when CXC settles back into late September (a place where one of the other prominent overseas shows may move). It's tough all over, but it's great for fans right now.

* finally, there's a whole bunch of good stuff up at the Angouleme web site, including the poster story I'll make a separate post here as I catch up. Some of the shows sound great.
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