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November 3, 2009

Tuesday Press Conference Indicates Money Issue Refinement At Angouleme

A press conferences on Tuesday by Angouleme Mayor Philippe Lavaud -- I can think of better things to return to from a vacation -- failed to push forward an apparent impasse between the longtime, vital European comics industry gathering and all-around art form celebration and the municipality that serves as its host. The amount of money involved in terms of how much the town is willing to pay for certain matters of festival infrastructure may have been refined -- the mayor spoke in terms of 140,000 Euros (approximately), while the original amount reported that the festival expects from the city is approximately 400,000 Euros. Bart Beaty reports back to CR anecdotal evidence that the locals aren't even discussing the issue, which leads him to think it may be less of a big deal than some media outlets might assert.

Angouleme Festival organizer Franck Bondoux is schedule to have a press conference either late today or tomorrow, depending on the source. The Festival is in late January.
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