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August 18, 2016

Wizard Goes Back To Not Wanting Gun Dealer At Chicago Show

The Tribune has what seems like a decent summary of Wizard's choice Thursday to return to their decision last Saturday not to have DS Arms, Inc. on the floor of their Chicago show. The convention series, bearing the name of a once-popular magazine that eventually imploded with all the grace of a drunk caught up in a blanket rolling off of a couch, had reversed this decision on Monday afternoon after learning the exhibitor would not be selling usable firearms on the floor. From their own statements and witness reports of previous events, the company would have what sounded like a replica or two for people to see and friendly people to generally talk up their retail establishment. The article also seems to confirm that a third-party entity booked the exhibitor rather than Wizard directly.

If I were the exhibitor, I'd be mad, too, about the way this developed. It seems like a firm decision could have been made. I'm not at all sad to see them go, though. I don't think there's anything legally vexing or dangerous about having a person that sells guns at a show promoting their store. Others disagree. I just think it's a bizarre and ugly thing for a pop-culture show to fold into their bosom at a time when the sale of the objects being promoted is a massively divisive and politically-charged issue with a body count. Further, gun-related crime is a specifically brutal issue for that city. I don't buy that conventions need to be maximally fun -- although you charge people to shop it better be fun -- or even that guns can't be fun (they are; it's the cost of that fun at issue), but once you get on board with certain evocations of culture, you lose me.
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