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February 19, 2006

Your Daily Danish Cartoons Update

* A horrible weekend. Up to 45 dead in Nigeria, although the number 16 appears in a lot of reports as well. Eleven dead in Libya. Three children and a priest may have been among the dead in Nigeria. Indonesia continues to be a hotspot on Monday; earlier in the weekend Indonesian protesters attacked the US embassy. For now, Pakistan is having none of it.

* I can't tell if clerics keep offering seven-figure bounties, or if the same one gets reported over and over. Let's hope for the option that makes it less likely some dingus will take them up on it. This guy has no regrets, but it sounds like he wouldn't mind if someone would stop by the store for him.

* This violence can be traced back to the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammed in Denmark's Jyllands-Posten newspaper. Once again, we refer latecomers or those in need of freshening up to this timeline. The original cartoons can be found here.

* Danish businesses had reprinted an earlier apology from Jyllands-Posten in a number of media outlets in protest areas, to little effect.

* Did I link to this yet? Some sites are being exposed, discussed, discredited and discarded before I see them a first time. Hopefully, this isn't one of them because the sentiment is lovely.

* Objections to the decision to publish the cartoons in the U.S. reaches close to home. My home here in New Mexico, anyway. A Russian paper closed over republishing the cartoons.

* Wondering what was going on in Canada about the issue? Me, neither! My, what lousy attitudes we have. But as it's all in one place and most of it is very interesting, we have no excuse not to do some learning. Meanwhile, in New Zealand, the story lurches sideways in a sad but slightly amusing way.

* Joe Sacco and Art Spiegelman were interviewed by The Nation. Colleen Doran is extending a sketch offer at this weekend's New York Comic-Con in support of Denmark; this Warren Ellis posting on Doran's offer is also worth it for the cane-shot to the jaw Ellis delivers on some guy in the comments. I've been tipped that American cartoonist Tim Kreider of The Pain plans on entering a contest run by an Iranian paper to feature Holocaust cartoons, announced earlier this month in what has to be the first time newspapers have participated in a kind of publishing dozens. Kreider usually updates on Monday, so there's even a chance his entry will show up soon.
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