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March 26, 2010

Your Danish Cartoons Hangover Update

* there were protests in Malaysia earlier today concerning the cartoon-style drawing from artist Lars Vilks in which Muhammad's head was placed onto a dog's body. This is worth noting not just for the continued attention paid the Vilks drawing but for the fact that during the initial Danish Cartoons Controversy protests in Malaysia helped coarsen the atmosphere in that part of the world to the point where similar free-speech issues were dealt with that much more harshly.

* the New York Times takes its own look at the recent David Coleman Headley plea agreement, taking note of how easily Headley traveled.

* I can't quite figure out if Headley's plea helped him avoid extradition by design or by unrelated outcome.

* this should be interesting, and by "interesting" I mean a range of effects from raising an eyebrow to seeing a mushroom cloud on CNN: at least one report on the wires this morning has David Coleman Headley naming specific Pakistani army officers as being involved in the terrorist attacks on Mumbai.
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