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March 5, 2007

Yvan Delporte, 1928-2007


The massively influential and popular French-language comics writer and editor Yvan Delporte passed away this morning in Brussels, according to this on-line source.

Delporte was the editor-in-chief of Spirou during the flush period of 1955-1968, considered by many the magazine's golden era. He worked with a variety of artists in that position as both writer and editor, most notably Peyo on the globally popular series Les Schtroumpfs, and Andre Franquin on the initial design for the immensely successful Gaston Lagaffe feature. Other artists with whom he worked at Spirou were Rene Hausman, Gerald Forton and Jean Roba. After leaving the magazine in 1958, Delporte continued to freelance with an equally distinguished group of artists, including Claire Bretcher on the series Alfred De Wees. In 1977 he partnered with Franquin to create the one-page Idees Noires comics, some of the most startling and beautiful of Franquin's long and distinguished career, which ran first in Spirou's supplement Le Trombone Illustre and then later in Fluide Glacial. Delporte later worked on Schtroumpfs animation projects and edited a magazine devoted to the characters, continuing to write comics throughout, a figure whose influence on future generation is almost too big to be processed.

above: Delporte (bearded) as depicted in a Gaston Lagaffe comic
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