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August 17, 2015

Zack Kruse Announces Appleseed Con Is On Hiatus

In a lengthy post, Zack Kruse has announced that Appleseed Comic Con will go on hiatus. This was the Fort Wayne, Indiana show that's been running for a few years (2013), with a same-ethos predecessor running before that (Summit City Comic Con) back to 2010. Kruse's desire to enter into a new chapter of his life and still maintain balance with all of his responsibilities is the cited reason.

Appleseed was developing a good reputation for having a dependable group of regional and national talent to the show and attracting attendees from throughout the Midwest. The professionals I know that have attended told me they were treated very well.

Another angle may be to point out how some shows depend on one or two individual while others have a committee and board structure of some sort that are there to help ensure the show goes on despite core members leaving. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and both models have been involved with shows that have ended or gone dark. Let's hope Kruse returns to show organizaing at some future date.
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