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April 16, 2014

Go, Bid: Stan And Sharon Sakai Art Auctions Going On eBay

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April 15, 2014

Your 2014 Eisner Award Nominations

Here. I'll come back at some point and list them here and do links, but until then you should just go read them on their site rather than a cut-and-paste here. I hate it when people do that.

Although: a super congratulations right now to my deserving, direct peers in a very tough "Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism" category: Jonah, Gary, Kristy, Zainab, Matthew, Dan and Tim.
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Go, Look: Celine De Cadt

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Pultizer Prize Day Is The Best Newsroom Day


One of the best days in journalism is the day when the Pulitzers go out. They're announced mid-day as a news story rather than at a ceremony, which allows journalists to react and celebrate while at work. I have to imagine that there's no one for whom this kind of win isn't a career highlight -- in newspaper parlance, it's the kind of information that might make the first sentences of your obit.

Basically, all I'm saying is that it's hard not to love this picture of editorial cartooning category winner Kevin Siers getting a hug from a co-worker. Come on. You can practically hear the warbled happy birthday song attempts embedded in the walls of that place.

Here's Siers' on-line "space" at the paper. Here is the citation that can drive you to the winning portfolio. Here is what I think is the initial Observer story that became a wire release. That last offering emphasizes the Observer's cartooning tradition -- Siers apparently replaced the much-admired Doug Marlette -- and which cartoons they thought were particuarly impactful.

They also mention that Siers is from Minnesota, which I always thought a really underrated aspect of a lot of editorial cartooning positions, that they were staffed by people that maybe lived, went to school or even worked in a different place other than the place from where the paper originates.
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Go, Look: A New Sam Alden Comic (Or At Least New To Me)

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By Request Extra: Retailer To Raise Money For Customer On FCBD

There's a nicely linked-up story over at Robot 6 about the Levittown retailer Wade Shaw putting together a series of efforts on behalf of a longtime customer whose baby girl has leukemia. You don't have to bite down very hard, or at all, on the idea of a place of business as a community hub of some sort to want to see that retailer and this customer do well. They are looking for auction donations, and I hope if you're in a position to do something along the lines of what they're looking for, you'll consider it.
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Go, Look: Closer Than We Think

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Go, Read: Shannon O'Leary's Retailer Survey Summary Article Over At PW: Saga, Pricing, Weather

There are a bunch of straight-talk gems to pull from Shannon O'Leary's summary report of a discussion with a handful of Direct Market retailers. As the article itself notes, this isn't a representative survey of that market but a temperature-taking of a group of that market's 100 highest quality retail establishments; I didn't see a store included I don't think of as a model store. While this might make it harder to use what is said as some kind of truth for that entire market, it does allow for some quality observations about the high-functioning part of the DM.

The three that jumped out at me were Saga, pricing and weather. Saga is confirmed by the people selling it as the genuine hit its numbers and buzz indicate, a status driven by enthusiasm for the material and a wider-than-usual audience base for a book people want to share. It's also something that affordable trades facilitate in terms of entry point and Image's reach right now puts in almost every shop. Tucker Stone makes this really interesting point that one way that publishers are keeping their margins with digital sales playing a bigger factor is just jacking up the price in a way that makes it harder for physical-location book retailers to sell at the purposefully inflated price. I hadn't considered that before. Finally, the retailers note that the crappy weather in the Midwest and Northeast makes a difference, and probably did so this year in terms of the slow first quarter. This is something we don't think about enough. Direct Market stores sometimes draw from a pretty wide area for their business. It's not that comics lacks a wide fanbase, but the kind of focused, relentless buying that keeps the DM going asks for a specific customer that might not be available in every neighborhood.

That some of the best and brightest in a retailing sphere can remaing bullish on comics despite a present that could feed any number of slow-death or apocalyptic scenarios is some of the best news for which comics can hope.
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I Always Like Looking At Syd Shores' Artwork

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Collective Memory: Linework NW 2014

imageLinks to stories, eyewitness accounts and resources concerning the 2014 edition of Linework NW, held April 12 at Sons Of Norway Grieg Lodge in Portland.

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* Ed Luce
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* Caroline Smith

* Ed Luce

* Fantagraphics (individual photo)
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* Jason Lamb

* kirko kain

* Linework NW 01
* Lisa Mangum

* the art of skinner

* Zack Soto

* Festival Twitter Account
* kirko kain
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* Michael DeForge
* the art of skinner

* Jim Woodring And His Giant Pen




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Go, Look: Vince Colletta In The Style Of Wally Wood

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Collective Memory: SPACE 2014

imageLinks to stories, eyewitness accounts and resources concerning the 2014 edition of SPACE, held April 12 and April 13 at Ramada Plaza Columbus North Hotel And Conference Center in Columbus, Ohio.

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* Convention Site
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Go, Look: Paul Pope Black And White Image Gallery

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Collective Memory: Acquires Comixology


Commentary and reaction around the Internet to the announcement that Amazon will acquire comiXology, in a deal to be concluded by the end of this year's second quarter.


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Go, Look: Tim Sievert

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Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* this is more "off the beaten path" than publishing news, but I totally missed any word of this new Dane Martin book while it was in development. One thing that's interesting is that there's a black and white and a color version.

image* this site does a pretty terrible job covering Oni Press, so it should come as no surprise we also missed a report from its ECCC panel which included word of books of interest for the next 15 months or so, including Paul Tobin/Benjamin Dewey collaboration and the first place I've seen the names of Greg Rucka's new collaborators on the Stumptown comic as that one moves forward.

* walk don't run to access this preview of the forthcoming Fantagraphics set of all the Witzend materials. That title had fun covers. Lot of good art in that preview, lot of good art in that series.

* I don't follow the mainstream comics world closely enough to tell you why they need a new Teen Titans #1, but I'm always happy to see the writer Will Pfeiffer get work. That's a title where I suspect the constant tendency to relaunch and reboot has actually hurt those characters over time. Also, they're relaunching their Suicide Squad comic. I wasn't aware they cancelled the previous one. You know, I'm sure all of the creators on both of these titles will make the best comics they can, but the visual approach strikes me as existing in the same place as 98 percent of all the comics DC has done over the last 20 years. Ditto a secret agent riff on an existing character.

* one creator whose partnerships have been consistently, creatively successful for DC is the writer Grant Morrison, whose Multiversity starting in August with a variety of well-regarded artists should be a highlight of that publisher's year. Even seeing this material, though, it hits me that I'd love to see Morrison shift into other genres and approaches for a while.

* so I guess they're killing Archie.

* I'm not certain if Kevin Truman is a webcomic or a published book or what, but I'm interested.

* I hadn't known that Michael Jordan was going to be doing a book with Space Face. That should be good.

* I had no idea there was a second Best Of Enemies book. It's interesting how David B. is developing a relationship to the North American market similar to the one that Jacques Tardi had for so many years: this enormous regard from the professional and publishing community that is not yet matched by a wider audience for his work. I'm sure some might object strongly to that characterization.

* finally, Carolyn C. Nowak reveals a cover for a forthcoming collection including Lazy comics.

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If I Were In Chicago, I'd Go To This

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I Always Enjoy Looking At HG Peters' Wonder Woman Art

I guess people are into the implied pervy stuff, but I routinely fall in love with random panel
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Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this is fascinating and more than slightly repulsive in parts. Two things that people do when there's dysfunction in the way they speak to one another is make frequent assumptions of bad faith and use their annoyance at believing they are the subject of such assumptions as justification to act out in deplorable ways. This includes people that might not act that way otherwise, people that need no excuse to act like shitheads whenever, and people that couldn't possibly lay claim to being any kind of even slightly aggrieved party but want to believe they are more than anything. At that point -- at that distressing, awful point -- motivation and context don't matter. No one should ever be threatened or bullied or harassed or hurt. Stop if it's you. Don't tolerate it if it's not you.

* through the previous item's link there's a survey about harassment in the comics industry you might want to take.

image* Rob Clough on Fata Morgana. John Seven on Safari Honeymoon.

* I enjoyed this article by Sean Michael Robinson on lessons learned from an unfinished graphic novel project.

* not comics: how some New York City bookstores are thriving.

* Darryl Cunningham's comic about the practice of fracking makes another appearance -- we've linked to it before. I always thought that on-line publication issue exploration would be a really good area for Cunningham.

* I enjoy looking at the occasional John Byrne commission where he mixes the two big corporate superhero universes. Also, I don't think I've ever seen the Sinister Six before. They should win every fight not against Batman.

* a teen summer comics class at SAW sounds like it would be a good thing. I can't even imagine what my life would be like if this particular outlet were there for me in those years with a number 1 in front of my age.

* Whitney Matheson talks to Mimi Pond.

* hey, here's some Dan Clowes original art scanned.

* hey, random comics photos are always fun to see.

* not comics: Abhay Khosla reviews the new Captain America movie. I do think it's interesting how those movies have been so frequent that they've created their own context.

* finally, Ivan Brunetti covers The New Yorker.
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Happy 53rd Birthday, Patrick Larme!

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Happy 56th Birthday, Robert Luedke!

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Happy 38th Birthday, Sam Peeters!

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Go, Bid: Stan And Sharon Sakai Art Auctions Going On eBay

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April 14, 2014

Kevin Siers Wins The Editorial Cartooning Pulitzer Prize


Kevin Siers of the Charlotte Observer won this year's Pulitzer Prize in editorial cartooning. Pat Bagley and David Horsey were finalists. Siers is syndicated by King Features, and as a student was the first winner of the John Locher Award, now nearly 30 years old. You can look at recent winners here, and Siers' winning submission through that first link. Congrats to all three.
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Go, Look: Giancarlo Volpe Comic About Animation Focus Groups

via several e-mails
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