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November 11, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* here's an interview with that nice man and skilled comic-book writer Brian Michael Bendis about the current attempt to reboot Legion Of Super-Heroes. That's one of DC's broadly appealing and easy to grasp concepts, and should be something the company does well in the same way that the X-Men books should be a strength for Marvel. I am a spectacularly bad customer for its standard mix of nostalgic reverie for traditional square-jaw super-heroics and kids-culture values of the broadest sort, but I sured like reading optimistic super-kid stories when I was a young man and would imagine a lot of kids could make use of something like that now that the future has become conceivably shorter and potentially more depressing.

* finally: it's hard for me to figure out the benefit of making stand-alone creative efforts into their own "universe" of stories. I know some people believe these companies shouldn't be precious about this kind of thing, but it always seems to dissipate some of the energy those wider storylines bring to the table. Seems like sloppy resource management.
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