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December 28, 2004

2004, Measured in Mutants

imageHave you ever wondered what a year in comics might look like solely from the vantage point of Marvel's various X-Men comic books? Me, neither. It's sort of compelling to read if you're in the right mood, though.

Paul O'Brien, whose broader editorial work I've linked to before, furthers his case for being the Lance Armstrong of writers about comics, dominating a specific, curious endeavor for which the rest of us can only manage a kind of abstract appreciation. Most of this is just like eating a big bowlful of depression, but I did get the sense that there may be a news feature to be written about comic book writer Chuck Austen, whose ability to work efficiently with editors and maintain if not exceed sales levels on certain franchise books may have finally been outstripped by fan dissatisfaction wih the creative results. I'm not going to write it or anything, but I'd read one.

I think that John Cassaday image was for a 2004 X-Men comic of some sort.
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