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March 28, 2006

2/3 Papers Pass on Boondocks Re-Runs

imageAs if reading the projected hopes and desires of a hundred fevered circulation-news junkies, Editor & Publisher went after and got the figure everyone wanted: how many of Boondocks' newspaper clients were going to go with a re-run package while creator Aaron McGruder took a six-month leave of absence from the strip. The answer -- not many, less than a third. This is big news because all of the sudden 200 slots opened up for at least a temporary run by various comic strips, and also because it serves as a measure of how competitive the market is -- this wasn't quite the case when Garry Trudeau and Bill Watterson took their breaks, plus each had many more clients -- and may even give a hint as to whether or not Boondocks will have the same market position when McGruder makes his planned return.
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