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January 4, 2015

50 Comics Positives 2014: This Is How You Welcome A Cartoonist

imageI was struck back in mid-July by how Newsday announced their new editorial cartoonist Matt Davies and not just because many publications are doing without editorial cartoonists altogether.

It's a very upbeat article, lays out why the position is important to the publication, cites Davies' virtues and talks about what they've achieved with past staffers. It may be a sign of the dark times that have faced editorial cartoonists for a couple of decades now that I even paid attention to the tone, but I think paid editorial cartooning positions are such a valuable thing in terms of the cartooning arts. I thought we under-appreciated them for years and if I have to over-appreciate them a tiny bit now to redress that imbalance, I'm more than game.

It's good to see Davies find a position, too, whenever he needs or wants one: that's a past Pulitzer and Herblock winner.
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