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January 2, 2015

50 Comics Positives For 2014: Broadening The Influence Base


It's happened much more slowly than I thought it might, but a great advantage of the broader audience and creative community reading and serving comics is that we're likely to see influences coming in from a variety of sources not just older comics themselves -- not to mention that the older inspirations will be interpreted differently. This was probably most clearly seen in the work on genre comics done by Brandon Graham and the artists with whom he's worked on the various new-era Prophet, where Moebius plays the role of Jack Kirby and 1970s Heavy Metal takes the place of RAW in the creative pantheon.

This year we got a pair of even better examples: growing alt-comics presence Katie Skelly with Operation Margarine at AdHouse and the lauded pairing of writer Kelly Sue Deconnick and artist Valentine De Landro with Bitch Planet at Image mining similar pockets of '60s/'70s trash culture. If by five years from now there are a 100 different kinds of popular art seeing expression in comics form, I think it'll be a richer art form.
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