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January 3, 2015

50 Comics Positives For 2014: The Inkstuds Rob Liefeld Episode


I was going to make an entry out of the whole tour enjoyed by the podcast Inkstuds, where Robin McConnell -- sometimes joined by Brandon Graham -- used crowd-funded money to drive around and talk to cartoonists and comics-makers. That's just a weird and kind of nice thing that the culture of comics could enable that pair to do. One of the two or three I liked best from the entire effort, and the one of those three that I don't think would have been done otherwise, is the Rob Liefeld interview they did at his home. So I thought I'd just name that particular interview instead.

Liefeld was a fascinating figure to watch through the 1990s for those of us who are roughly same-age peers, so I can't even imagine how he looms in the mind of those about Graham's age, where he must have seemed like a towering figure and then later on finding out that not everyone enjoyed his art. The only person that I think comes close to that for the over 45s is Jim Davis, maybe. At any rate, he seems like a nice man and is one of the most affable people in comics -- we interviewed him at the Journal when I was there, and I thought that turned out great. It was nice to check back in on him.
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