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January 3, 2015

50 Comics Positives For 2014: Simon Hanselmann Got Married… Twice


The cartoonist Simon Hanselmann had a hell of a Fall. He debuted the book Megahex from Fantagraphics at SPX 2014. He went on tour with Michael DeForge and Patrick Kyle. He did a TCJ diary and continued the successful on-line publication of his work. There are hints of bigger deals and maybe cross-media opportunities being processed.

While all of this -- even a portion of it -- might be enough to exhaust many cartoonists, Hanselmann seemed to enjoy the heck out of his series of smart movies and taking advantage of professional opportunity. His most meaningful acts may have come in the form of a pair of weddings, one fake and one real. SPX 2014 will be remembered for the year that Hanselmann smooched his publisher Gary Groth at a "wedding to comics" promotion for his book. There aren't many of those moments at comics shows, and that was certainly one.

The cartoonist then later revealed during the TCJ diary gig that he married Jacq Cohen this Fall, a union that the bride described as a "deliriously happy" one.

We should all have years like Hanselmann's, or at least one such along the way.
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