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January 1, 2015

50 Comics Positives For 2014: The Bill Watterson/Richard Thompson Exhibit At The Billy Ireland


For its second major exhibit and the first of its shows fully curated by full-time staff, the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum hit a home run with a Bill Watterson/Richard Thompson pair of shows. The former, curated by Jenny Robb, kicked off a full year of Calvin & Hobbes memories and allowed the museum to both put on display the fruits of their massive Watterson collection and to put on display the fact they have things like massive Bill Watterson original art collections. The latter, curated by Caitlin McGurk, was attended by the cartoonist, who I'm told was parked in his wheelchair close enough to see people and reading and laughing with his cartoons. I know that when I took people to see the show -- I did twice -- the Watterson room allowed them to appreciate Calvin & Hobbes for the first time and the Thompson room allowed for many a first major consideraton of that excellent cartoonist's work. Just looking at all that material was one of my favorite comics afternoons this year.
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