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January 4, 2015

50 Comics Positives For 2014: Zunar Won A Key Court Victory


It was sort of awesome in October that Zunar, after years of court defeats on his detention and the seizure of his book 1 Funny Malaysia and issues of Gedung Kartun in 2010, got a win. Not just a win, but the win: censure from the judges concerning earlier decisions by police and legal officials, the return of his books, the lifting of the ban, a positive formulation from the bench as to why satirists should be allowed to have a wide-ranging definition of acceptable speech. It was almost too good to be true -- and maybe it was, considering what's happened since: a new round of debilitating and ugly harassment. Still, I don't want to deny the positive of that court decision, if only because of Zunar's doggedness in chasing it through a court system that seemed very much stacked against him.
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