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January 4, 2015

50 Comics Positives: Jonah Weiland Pulls The Plug On His Forums


One of the more admirable moves made by anyone in the comics industry this year was by my friend and peer at Comic Book Resources, Jonah Weiland, who took to heart some industry-wide criticism of interactive community forums as sometimes-hostile places for everybody not a straight white male, look at his own efforts in the area, deemed them not enough, and pulled the plug on the old way of doing things for a different go at it. This brought him some charged criticism from those who interpret any move to improve basic quality of life issues for someone else that might inconvenience or strike them as politically inopportune as something terrifying and wrong, broke the longstanding institutional momentum that a lot of those places come to depend on, and brought he and his company some extra work. I never got the sense he ever thought twice, though, and kudos to him.
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