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June 18, 2009

A Bit More On Cartooning, Iran Unrest


* looks like there is a cartoonist on the ground in Tehran, slowly coming to the attention of outside observers: here and here.

* Steve Bell is one of the half-dozen or so editorial cartoonists to whom we pay attention on a regular basis. His sober treatment of the crisis' effect on Iran's international reputation as seen above is more of a close reading of events than other cartoonists have done (it's about a summit in Russia attended by the current Iranian president as opposed to another summary statement on recent events). This portrait, however, is more directly brutal.

* Nikahang Kowsar started posting cartoons again, after a day off that worried the BBC's blogger until they remembered he lives in Canada.

* Jens Robinson wrote in to say that you can also search for cartoons about Iran by those cartoonists represented by the New York Times Syndicate, including several international cartoonists not represented anywhere else.
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