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January 8, 2015

A Brief Note About Linking To Issues With Political Ramifications

I got a pair of e-mails this morning from opposite sides of the political spectrum objecting to links used in the course of this site's Charlie Hebdo coverage.

While most of what I do is going to be linking to more general news sites, there's a chance I'm going to do some linking to people that I personally find noxious in their world view, and that you may find noxious, too. If the killers are apprehended and do interviews and publish commentary, there's a chance I'm going to link to that stuff, too. I also feel free to use whatever imagery I think furthers my mission to inform. This is how it's always been done here. During the Danish Cartoons Crisis I linked to some of the dumbest, most loathesome thinkers in the world. We also hosted the cartoons.

A link is not an endorsement. It's a tool by which you can go read something I've selected for you to potentially go read. Barring accompanying language that says so, it is not an endorsement of a point of view represented, and it is certainly not an endorsement of other points of view a person may have. Good gravy. I have no idea how this sad, consumerist notion has settled in on the dissemination of information on-line, but I don't agree with it.

You're welcome to read other sites or other coverage. I'm sad to lose you.

As is the case with every issue, I'm happy to run letters of disagreement or criticism on this. I'll do this even though the letter-writer might be a horrible person. The publication of those views is also not an endorsement.

Update: One e-mailer has allowed me to publish our e-mail exchange from which this mini-editorial arrived at the halfway point. I'm grateful.
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