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March 29, 2010

A Quartet Of Quick Convention Notes

* the best-written piece I've seen this morning is Robert Boyd on a local Houston show.

* there is a nice bunch of photos here in Joe Gordon's report from Hi-Ex, one of approximately 15,000 UK shows. What strikes me is that with a little lighting and a few professional backdrop posters the space looks much more visually sumptuous than most North American shows of equivalent size. If you run such a show, that could be worth looking into.

image* I'm having a hard time getting a grasp on the Toronto Comic Con, the first in Wizard Entertainment's series of 12 different regional comics shows driven by a mix of old comics sales, actors in genre shows and a smattering of invited comics talent. I'm not seeing much if any news except of the basic "hey, a person we may have heard of" and "look at the crazy people in costumes" variety. Photos like these from Flickr, or sets like these from same, make the show appear mostly like a wasteland. This blog posting by a volunteer suggests it was very easy to get in and get out, which is not how any decently-attended con would be described. On the other hand, there's one weird, washed-out photo in Rich Johnston's set here that shows a few hundred people trying to get in, and Sequential seems to all but outright support Wizard's 20,000 number. It looked like a good convention if you wanted to meet cute cast members from Da Vinci's Inquest that went on to do science fiction shows, but other than that, I just can't tell. If someone out there has a wide-shot of the floor at the con's height, please let me know so I can go look at it!

* the French-language comics news clearinghouse has a report up on how publishers saved money on expenditures at this year's Le Salon du Livre de Paris: one group reduced its space to the tune of 600,000 Euros in savings; another group exhibited together. Attendance remained high over the weekend despite the cost-cutting moves by the exhibitors.
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