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June 29, 2009

A Smattering Of Comic-Con Updates

* so I guess CCI is getting rid of memberships returned to the show through their rebate program by putting a few up at a time on eBay. They go quickly, but at least something purchased from the show would be legitimate.

image* a few of the blogs are pointing to this article as saying Hayao Miyazaki will be visiting CCI in support of Ponyo. Official news of this should hit with enough of a splash you'll know if these articles are right or not.

* this is the week you dump your extra hotel rooms before you're charged a deposit. Also, remember that if you picked up a room here, a room there, the deposit mechanism probably won't track this. In hotel news generally, there have been several single-day room opportunities rolling out on the site since mid-May. One thing that was up for grabs this weekend was a Friday night room at the new Hilton.

* I'm moderating two panels on Friday (July 24th) of the Con: the Comic Strip Reprints panel from 1:30-2:30 PM and one called Graphic Novels from 4:00-5:00 PM. Those should be super-informative and because they're set at an hour pop right along. I'm not allowed to say who's on each one until the con folks confirm, but right now they're both stuffed with interesting names. I think I may also be on a manga panel moderated by someone else at some point on Thursday, which sounds odd to me, too.

* finally, the moderating Gallant to my Goofus, Mark Evanier, has announced some of the 18 billion panels he's moderating, sometimes three at once. That's a nice golden/silver age panel he's going to have.
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