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June 19, 2015

A Few Cartooning Notes Re: The Charleston Murders


* due to my schedule I'm writing this pretty early on Thursday evening. I haven't seen a bunch of cartoons yet. There's the Dave Grunland, above, from the Cagle site. They have a bunch of cartoons and likely by now a bunch more. Gary Varvel is always pretty quick to respond.

* this already-existing cartoon was posted a lot both as a genuine statement of anger and also in antcipation of the political arguments to come. The two impulses overlap, of course.

* there were some angry tweets out there comparing the emotional outburst that greeted the Charlie Hebdo murders in a disparaging way with perceived or even projected shortcomings in reactions to this act of horrifying terror. I sympathize with the anger, although I think the differences are important enough that it's hard for me to see them on a continuum. My heart was far more broken about South Carolina 24 hours after each dismaying act, but I can see where other people in other situations might find the Hebdo murders specifically affecting. They are both certainly horrible.

* of the folks I follow for comics purposes, it looks like Jeremy Whitley was the most prolific tweet maker about the murders in the day following, if you want to scroll back.

* Annie Koyama points out that sometimes there is solace in beauty.

* finally, to show you how smart it was for Medium to start The Response I'm already refreshing the site waiting to see what it has to say on this matter. If this rolls out when I'm not around, hopefully there's something there. Or a bunch of things.
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