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June 9, 2009

A Few More Links On MoCCA 2009

Some extra links and worthy commentary on the MoCCA Arts Festival just past.

* the post of the day -- well, the post of the roughly 20-hour period since I went looking for MoCCA-related posts -- has to be this well-illustrated report of artists discussed by Frank Santoro and Gary Panter during their Sunday panel. I've heard all positives about the programming. That doesn't mean a negative appraisal isn't out there, I just haven't heard it.

* another post out there that should be considered is Evan Dorkin's longer explanation of problems he had with the festival, things like the vicious heat and fundamental lack of organization, thoughts he previously had made public through commenting on the initial post on the festival at The Beat. This is fairly brutal because I can attest to just how much Dorkin likes this festival. Dorkin brings up a variety of problems, and I think all of them should be considered. I think it also points out how much an uncomfortable show can make people stop and consider the show as a whole: irritating elements in terms of promotion and listing and on-site organization become more so when there isn't an overwhelming positive experience at the show itself to mitigate things. I think there's going to be some work to do in terms of convincing a certain kind of exhibitor that there is a better show to be had in future years.

* and while Evan Dorkin may be seen as a guy who complains about stuff, I don't think Dave Roman shares that reputation.

* speaking of the heat, someone said in an e-mail to me that they'd heard air conditioner rental would cost up to $18,000. That's a rumor-level figure about as certain as the message at the end of a game of Telephone, but it's worth mentioning as the cost of air conditioning that giant place with that many people running around is bound to be significant.

* in related analysis, the person with whom I had dinner last night noted that complaint about the prices of tables going up and complaints that the Festival can't afford air conditioning for their chosen venue may be related, depending on the organization's various strategies, so maybe we should wait before hammering them on the table prices going up until we know of their plans for the money.

* finally, this show report by Gary Tyrrell proves interesting in a couple of ways: the first as a mostly positive report that points out that many of those involved with the festival are brand new, the second for its focus on the show as enjoyed by webcomics artists.
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