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April 8, 2012

A Few Quick Notes On An Early Easter Morning

image* I've decided to shelve this week's interview because of the dearth of finished interviews at my disposal and because traffic drops a bit for us on non-Christmas holidays like Easter, Fourth of July and Labor Day. If I had a bunch of interviews complete and in-house it might seem okay to have one up on a day like today. Since I don't, it would seem like I was punishing the person who got theirs done. My apologies for those that come to the site on Sundays for original content. I will endeavor to move through the rest of the year without a similar interruption.

* one thing you might read instead is a two-part interview I did with the writer Matt Fraction more than a year ago, for the Marvel site. It's about his very good Casanova work. The third of four comic books in this particular cycle of Casanova was just released. I wish there were more comics like it.

* I also cleaned up Monday's Notes From ECCC article a bit and added links. It seems less the effort of an addled inebriate now. I did enjoy that show, and had a blast seeing old friends that weekend.

* one person I saw that I didn't mention because the report ends before last Sunday evening is Peter Bagge. He has a new science fiction series coming out from Dark Horse, which has a big want-to-see factor for me because I haven't seen a page of the work. I think Bagge's a great cartoonist and a vital figure in American comedy.

* I read a couple of very decent comics-related tomes this weekend. That The Art Of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist is would-not-talk-to-you-in-a-bar good-looking, but also classy enough you don't object. That just seems to me a super-solid effort on a first read, and my lingering impression the next day is all the faces, which isn't necessarily something I take away from Clowes' comics. I even liked the photo of his dad. The other book I read was a hardcover of Final Crisis that irritated me from the get-go by folding in the related Superman series. If you have to blend two series for the best re-telling of a single story, it probably shouldn't have been two series in the first place. I still think that series was only okay, and rattled apart as it went along in pretty severe fashion. I think it's purposefully told in an elliptical manner that suggests more to the comic than is actually there. I also prefer the anti-lie = war explanation, because it spins superheroes in an interesting thematic direction.
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