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September 25, 2007

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Does it feel to anyone else like Aaron McGruder's been out of comics for a decade?

* There are at least two semi-lengthy postings on the matter of a teacher named Nate Fisher resigning from a Connecticut school after objections to his having given a freshman a copy of Eightball #22 as a make-up assignment: New York, and Fantagraphics's Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics is the publisher of that work in its original, comic book form).

* Speaking of which, I'm glad that people are still arguing the issues surrounding the resignation with passion and meticulousness, because a lot of arguing on issues like this one tends to slip into a disconnect between the sides. For instance, you'll have people arguing that parents are simply doing their job protecting their children with everything they have, a statement almost no one in such an debate will argue in a way that indicts the underlying values embodied by such a point, although such an indictment is almost certainly what will be asserted on its behalf. The one, beneficial thing arguing strongly about such a case can hope to accomplish is to inject the wider debate with a thought or two that might in some way mitigate against a rash response the next time around.

* David B has won an historical prize presided over by Pasal Ory for his Futuropolis book, Par les chemins noirs, while the 18th Prix des Libraires has gone to Les 5 conteurs de Bagdad, by Frantz Duchazeau and Fabien Vehlmann.

* This article provides a recent history of Muslim agitation in Bangladesh, including the roles Muhammed protests have played. The recent flurry of violence and protests around the only-tangentially Muhammed-related cartoon done executed by young cartoonist Arifur Rahman seem to make more sense given the size and passion of previous protests.

* This editorial driven by the recent conviction of cartoonist Irfan Khan in India is worth a read if only for the killer phrase up top: "The cartoon is the most visible democracy index."
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