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June 22, 2009

A Pair Of Quick Publishing Notes

* the comics business news and analysis site confirms word that BOOM! has acquired the Disney duck license, which is comics historical terms is sort of like getting "Bochco Cop Shows" or "James Burrows Directed And Developed Sitcoms" for your network.

* this site's long-time fellow-traveler in the covering-comics world and a specialist when it comes to covering the high-end mainstream and indy-genre aspects of the market, Tripwire, has finally been rejected outright for distribution to the direct market accounts served by Diamond. It's an interesting bit of news because you can see it as an inability of Diamond and its account to make use of a high-end, glossy magazine about comics the kind of which would have flipped many of our lids as 1980s kids, or you can see it as a sign that magazines just don't work in the current market, and both options are depressing. You can find out how to get the magazine directly through information provided in the linked-to posting.
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