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April 2, 2012

A Weekend Update On The Status of S. Clay Wilson

One of the underground generation's most vital and crucial artists, S. Clay Wilson, recently underwent an operation to relieve pressure to the brain that had built up after a dramatic, largely debilitating episode of a still slightly uncertain nature several years back. Lorraine Chamberlain, who supervises Wilson's care, was nice enough to write in late Friday.
"Thank you for the mention in your blog about Wilson. I appreciate all the help from his friends & fans. Yesterday he was better again, after the surgeon finally came and adjusted the shunt. (I'd been nagging for three days and was about to call the Administrator, the patient advocate, the POLICE, the news media... someone!) The adjustment made him wake up again, and he was able to eat, as well.

"Today they're moving him to long term rehab. I'm hoping this will help him to regain his strength, and get him walking again so I can bring him home.
Again, thank you. I'll keep posting updates on my Facebook page. His web page is at I'll make sure to write another update about him on there as well, this weekend."
Our best wishes for the continued health of the cartooning icon.
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