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July 6, 2009

AJC Condemns El Pais Cartoon


According to their press release, the American Jewish Committee has announced their condemnation of El Pais for publishing a cartoon by the cartoonist Romeu they believe is anti-Semitic. The cartoon, which they have identified as being published on June 29 but seems to have run June 30 (according to dates on the El Pais web site), shows a character asking a stereotypically-drawn Jew how Israel is allowed to violate laws and the Jew responding that it costs the nation a lot of money.

The group says they protested another Romeu cartoon that was published in late 2008. The press release cites the group's dismay at what they feel is the anti-Semitic characterization of both the joke and the drawing, and notes their concerns regarding the growth of anti-Semitic expression in Spain.
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