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September 11, 2016

Alan Moore Announces The Retirement After The Announcement Where I Lost Track Of How Many He’s Done


The writer Alan Moore is doing some PR for his massive Jerusalem prose novel, and in doing a profile with the New Yorker and perhaps some of the other press opportunities let slip that he doesn't plan on a future involving a lot more comics. Moore has announced his retirement with at least as much seriousness as this latest declaration three times, to my recollection. It's not a bad thing. I do it, too.

The thing is, a 62-year-old saying there's only about 250 pages of comics left in him to do? That sounds more like a comfortable guesstimate than taking one's ball and going home. Hey, as a great fan of the medium I'd more take that on average, especially self-directed, carefully-crafted work like Moore makes. That doesn't mean I wouldn't be happy to see Moore doing 4500 more pages, just that I want him to choose what to do with his time and whatever we work we get, we get. Moore's had an admirable and interesting career if it ends 2.5 pages from now.
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