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August 30, 2006

Alan Moore, Lost Girls and JonBenet

Today's article profiling Alan Moore and Lost Girls in USA Today is kind of mindbending if you think about it: a chat with the esteemed comics writer speaking in forthright fashion on his and Melinda Gebbie's formidable and filthy new project peeking out at a nation of readers amid the pie charts and Emmy post-party reports. It's a fine piece of its type, though, as are most articles on the very quotable Moore; he nails down his personal objection to the V For Vendetta film in less than 50 words and there's even a tantalizing hint as to what's to come with the next League of Extraordinary Gentlemen project.

What may be stranger than the piece itself is the notion within it that Lost Girls will be seen in the context of resurgent interest in the now long-ago murder of child pageant star JonBenet Ramsey. The writer also identifies the context of the V For Vendetta movie as 9/11 rather than the London subway bombings that had a direct impact on the movie's release. Maybe that's how the movie was seen and the book will be seen, but I'm kind of doubtful.

Lost Girls is expected to drop to retailers over two weeks in mid-September.
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