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April 24, 2012

All Prayers To S. Clay Wilson, Tony DeZuniga And Their Loved Ones

Two of comics' elder statesman, each working from a unique tradition of expression within the art form, are experiencing extremely tough times due to adverse medical conditions. At the moment of this posting both S. Clay Wilson and Tony DeZuniga are in the midst of dire health crises that have caused each man significant financial distress as well.


* According to the latest e-mail update I've read from Last Gasp's Ron Turner, underground comix great S. Clay Wilson experienced a setback during physical therapy that involved him having to have his heartbeat and breathing restored by his therapist. Wilson's companion Lorraine Chamberlain told Turner that the cartoonist is back in the ICU via that facility's emergency room.

There is a living trust set up for Wilson here that can always use attention. One of the Zap Comics crew and perhaps best known for his Checkered Demon character, Wilson was in many ways the straw that stirred the drink that was the culturally potent underground comix movement. His comics are a mass of shifting absurdities and lungest into madness, some of the most life-affirming and tremendously disrespectful -- in every single good way -- works done in any medium during that vital time. His is one of comics' grand personalities as well†.


* Terry Allen at Comic Art Community reports that Tony DeZuniga's recent health scares have intensified to the point that the mainstream artist great is in the hospital in critical condition. That stay in the hospital has caused significant damage to the family's financial state of being; the linked-to post has both direct paypal information and word of forthcoming art auctions and the like. The Manila-born cartoonist is perhaps best known for his mainstream U.S. work, particularly his co-creation Jonah Hex.

We wish for the most beneficial outcome for both men and their families, and hope that you'll consider a donation if possible.
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