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March 21, 2011

All The Awards I’ve Recently Missed (And That’s A Lot)

There are number of awards, nominations and honors that have gone to comics and cartoonists recently, which for some reason I've been completely unable to process into posts here as each as them deserve. Congratulations and my apologies to the following creators, titles, publishers.

image* Chica Umino's Sangatsu no Lion (although I'm also seeing "Gatsu no Lion") has won this year's Manga Taisho award. That awards is decided on by bookstore employees responsible for a manga section, and is weighted in a way that the honor falls to a new work or an early work in a series.

* How Mirka Got Her Sword, from Barry Deutsch, was one of three category winners of the Sydney Taylor Award from the Association of Jewish Libraries. The Sydney Taylor awards goes to creators of books for young people that authentically portray the Jewish experience.

* working as an illustrator, the cartoonist Kevin Cannon shared in a Northeastern Minnesota Book Award nomination with writer Andrew Sherburne for their collaboration Ben And Lucy Play Pond Hockey.

* the writer Peter David announced on his blog that his X-Factor work was the winner of this year's GLAAD media award in the comics category. (My non-comics reading brother sent this along to me. He was delighted that each mutant mentioned as having a part in the winning storyline had their own wikipedia page, as it had never occurred to him that any character less famous than Batman would have its own wikipedia page.) Those awards have been criticized within some comics circles for their near-maniacal devotion to recognizing plot lines in superhero comics at the exclusion of other expressions in comics, but it's not like the nominees have any say in that. It's also worth noting that I believe David received a dump truck full of goofy, unnecessary bullshit for the plot line being honored, so it's nice in that way to see the work appreciated.

* the cartoonist Abby Denson's Dolltopia received a Bronze in Taro Aso's International Manga Awards for this year.

* Steven Brower's greatly under-discussed From Shadow To Light: The Art And Life Of Mort Meskin was named a finalist in the Art category of the ForeWord Reviews Book Of The Year Awards.

* finally, walking through the 2011 Manga Readers' Choice Awards is a fine way to spend some downtime; you're bound to be exposed to something you haven't read yet, and Deb Aoki has everything nicely linked up.
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