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January 25, 2015

Alternative Comics Announces Spring 2015 Season


In a press release distributed this morning, Marc Arsenault's Alternative Comics announced its Spring 2015 season and the fact that Eric Aucoin will be acting as an Associate Editor for the line. This will be their first season with Consortium Book Sales & Distribution -- that company expanded its interests in comics last year with a lot of folks attending a sales meeting the same week as 2014's CAB show.

The books they're releasing, a mix of reprints, collections and initially-published works, are:

* Clover Honey, Rich Tommaso, softcover, 136 pages, FEB150911, 9781934460863, February, $14.95.
* From Now On, Malachi Ward, softcover, 144 pages, 9781934460917, June, $14.95.
* Oh, That Monroe, Sam Henderson, softcover, 128 pages, 9781934460870, no month given, $11.99.
* Quit Your Job And Other Stories, James Kochalka, softcover, 192 pages, 9781934460931, no month given, $15.95.
* Sunbeam on the Astronaut, Steven Cerio, 48 pages, 9781934460238, no month given, $9.95.
* Smilin' Ed Comics, Raoul Vezina And Tom Skulan, softcover, 160 pages, 9781934460856, June, $19.95.
* The SAW Guide to Making Professional Comic Strips, Tom Hart, softcover, 96 pages, 9781934460894, June, $12.95.

The Clover Honey book takes me back. That's a re-publication of Tommaso's not-serialized, stand-alone graphic novel done for Fantagraphics in the mid-1990s when that was considered a really weird thing to exist. Not only was that an appealing format for publishers at the time because of the promise of bookstores, the numbers were perceived to be better in a lot of different ways (there was some debate).
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