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June 26, 2009

Andres Cascioli, 1936-2009


Andres Cascioli, the Argentinian artist and caritcaturis best known as the editor of magazines such as Humor, Satiricon and Fierro, died on Wednesday due to complications from cancer. He was 72 years old.

Cascioli was born in the Avellaneda district in 1936. As a younger man, he split work between the fields of graphic design and advertising, while occasionally placing work in comics publications.

In 1972 he and Oskar Blotta founded the magazine Satiricon. In 1978, the same pair started Humor a satirical magazine that presented some of the best cartoonists working in Argentina, developed others and quickly became a publication that bravely criticized military dictatorship. Cascioli would later write about that time period in the book La revista Humor y la dictadura. The magazine won a distinction in 1982 as the best international satirical magazine from an Italian source, the same year Cascioli was recognized by Asociación de Dibujantes de la Argentina as their caricaturist of the year.

That magazine's success allowed Cascioli to create a magazine label called Ediciones de la Urraca, which published up to ten magazines at a time. In the 1990s he moved into more formal magazine publishing, first with La Nacion de los Chicos for the La Nacion (1996), then the Argentinian edition of Rolling Stone (2001), and finally El Cacerolazo for Editorial Perfil. In 2005-2006, Cascioli released a best-of for Humor and a best of his own work, which was accompanied by a show at Palace de Glace in Beunos Aires featuring over 100 originals.
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