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December 14, 2004

Andrew Arnold Previews Comics in 2005


Andrew Arnold of Time.comix turned last week's pre-big-best-of-2004 column over to various company publicists, allowing them to single-line hype up to five 2005 books. At the very least, it nails down a few release dates for already-announced books and confirms a couple of others.

Initial thoughts:
1. The folks at Fantagraphics Books sure don't seem to mind loading the pressure on their new talent anthology Mome, do they?

2. This may only interest me, but two of Drawn and Quarterly's books use the participation of an established "name" creator as a selling point.

3. Also: nothing on the D&Q list features stalwarts Seth, Chester Brown or Joe Matt.

4. It's hard to believe it's taken this long for Viz to translate Akira Toriyama's Dr. Slump (art from which above).

5. Apparently, if you're writing a brief description of the Black Panther, much is communicated by noting that he's "Wakandan."

6. If you're as successful as Tokyopop, you don't have to follow anyone's one-sentence stricture.

7. Does DC usually wait a full year before offering a hardcover collection of a popular mini-series like Identity Crisis?

I should probably do my own preview at some point, but looking at this list 2005 seems like a potentially odd year, with perhaps the best book, Epileptic, coming in the first month.
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