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December 6, 2004

Angouleme Nominations Reactions

If I'm reading this article correctly, this is a round-up of negative reaction to this year's award nominations for the Angouleme Festival.

imageIt seems like the general suite of objections talked about here takes the relative heavy impression made by American books as additional evidence that the awards -- and by extension the Festival itself -- are increasingly a fan's view of the comics medium rather than any sort of method for recognizing artistic achievement. This is particularly true for worthy work little-known to the general reading public. It's sort of like the debate that surrounds American awards, except it reads as much less strident and slightly less idiotic. It may for some also call into question the value of nominations if they're offered in the midst of of some odd affirmative action program for populist works.

Artwork from one of the 2004 books released by an artist mentioned in that article. I have no idea if this is award-caliber work -- it doesn't necessarily look like it -- or if it's simply a string of jokes about having sex with rabbits or fire hydrants or something. I like the cover, though.
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