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December 6, 2007

Another Top Comics List For 2007

Another pair of top comics lists for the year -- at least roughly so -- 2007. The first is the essentials list from the Angouleme Festival of comics to which we should pay attention, something they instituted last year as a different way of citing works beyond a nominations/winners list where comics are broken down by category. The second is the list of historical prize nominees, meaning collections and re-presentations of past work. A ton of French-language editions of work familiar to North American audiences is on the list, including cartoonists like Ware, Tardi, Matsumoto, Marchetto, Yang, Sfar, Medley, Delisle, Matt, Bagge, Trondheim and De Crecy. The second list includes works by Jansson, Feiffer, Franquin and Crumb.

The link right below this graph is a fun one because the Angouleme site runs all the covers.

La Selection D'Angouleme 2008:

* ACME Novelty Library, by Chris Ware (Delcourt)
* Adele Blanc-Sec, by Jacques Tardi (Casterman)
* Amer Beton -- Integrale, by Taiyo Matsumoto (Tonkam)
* American Born Chineses, by Gene Luen Yang (Dargaud)
* L'Autre Fin Du Monde, by Ibn Al Rabin (Atrabile)
* Baudelaire, by Casanave & Tuot (Les Reveurs)
* Cancer and the City, by Marisa Acocella Marchetto (L'Iconoclaste)
* Capricorne, by Andreas (Le Lombard)
* Chaque Chose, by Julien Neel (Gallimard/Bayou)
* Le Chat Du Rabbin, by Joann Sfar (Poisson Pilote/Dargaud)
* Chateau L'Attente, by Linda Medley (Ca et la)
* Chroniques Birmanes, by Guy Delisle (Shampooing/Delcourt)
* Les Cites Obscures: La Theorie Du Grain De Sable, by Francois Schuiten & Benoit Peeters (Casterman)
* Construire Un Feu, by Christophe Chaboute (Vents d'Ouest)
* Death Note, by Takeshi Obata & Tsugumi Ohba (Kana)
* Le Dernier Mousquetaire, by Jason (Carabas)
* Djinn Djinn, by Ralf Konig (Glenat)
* Donjon Parade, by Manu Larcenet, Joann Sfar & Lewis Trondheim (Delcourt)
* L'Elephant, by Isabelle Pralong (Vertige Graphic)
* En Route Pour Le New Jersey, by Peter Bagge (Rackham)
* Epuise, by Joe Matt (Le Seuil)
* Exit Wounds, by Rutu Modan (Actes Sud BD)
* Faire Semblant C'est Mentir, by Dominique Goblet (L'Association)
* Le Feul, by Jean-Charles Gaudin & Frederic Peynet (Soleil)
* Fido Face a Son Destin, by Sebastien Lumineau (Shampooing/Delcourt)
* Le Grant Autre, by Ludovic Debeurme (Cornelius)
* Le Gros Lot, by Nikola Witko (Carabas)
* Gus, by Christophe Blain (Dargaud)
* Helter Skelter, by Kyoko Okazaki (Sakka/Casterman)
* L'Ile Bourbon 1730, by Appollo & Lewis Trondheim (Shampooing/Delcourt)
* Jerome K. Jerome Bloche, by Alain Dodier (Dupuis Reperages)
* Journal D'Un Fantome , by Nicolas De Crecy (Futuropolis)
* Journal D'Une Disparition, by Hideo Azuma (Kana)
* Kiki De Montparnasse, by Catel & Bocquet (ecritures/Casterman)
* La Ou Vont Nos Peres, by Shaun Tan (Dargaud)
* Ma Maman Est En Amerique, Elle a Recontre Buffalo Bill, by Jean Regnaud & Emile Bravo (Gallimard)
* La Marie En Plastique, by Pascal Rabate & David Prudhomme (Futuropolis)
* Moi Je Et Caetera, by Aude Picault (Warum)
* Mourir Partir Revenir -- Le Jeu Des Hirondelles, by Zeina Abirached (Cambourakis)
* Par Les Chemins Noirs, by David B (Futuropolis)
* Pascal Brutal, by Riad Sattouf (Fluide Glacial)
* Pettite Histoire Des Colonies Francaises, by Otto T. & Gregory Jarry (Flblb)
* R.G., by Peeters & Dragon (Bayou/Gallimard)
* Le Roman De Renart, by Bruno Heitz (Fetiche/Gallimard)
* La Topographie Interne Du M, by Jean-Christophe Menu (Les Requins Marteaux)
* Trois Ombres, by Cyril Pedrosa (Shampooing/Delcourt)
* La Veritable Histoire De Futuropolis, by Florence Cestac (Dargaud)
* La Vie Secrete Des Jeunes, by Riad Sattouf (L'Association)
* Vilebrequin, by Obion & Arnaud Le Gouefflec (Kstr/Casterman)
* XIII, by Jean Giraud & Jean Van Hamme (Dargaud)

Prix du Patrimoine:

* L'Ame Du Kyudo, by Hiroshi Hirata (Akata/Delcourt)
* L'Art Attentat, by Francis Masse (Le Seuil)
* Je Ne Suis Pas N'Importe Que, by Jules Feiffer (Futuropolis)
* Mes Problemes Avec Les Femmes, by Robert Crumb (Cornelius)
* Moomin, by Tove Jansson (Le Petit Lezard)
* Orfi Aux Enfers, by Dino Buzzati (Actes Sud BD)
* Spirou et Fantasio, L'Integrale, by Andre Franquin (Dupuis)
* Un Gentil Garcon, by Shinichi Abe (Cornelius)
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