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March 25, 2011

Anti-Piracy Policies: Groping Around In The Dark

imageThis article basically reminds us that just about any suggestion of cause and effect in the implementation of anti-piracy policy, even a serious one with numbers in tow, remains just that: a suggestion. Despite elements of on-line culture so absolutely convinced of exactly how things work and the standards by which they should be processed that its self-appointed bright lights can state with shout-others-down certainty the success or failure of each and every policy, sometimes with the cherry on top of guaranteed complete industry destruction/salvation, basically no one can tell anything about result sets because the combination of a complex suite of behaviors, changing technology and shifts in culture make things way too complicated to pin down.

So while the death of a popular file-sharing site might have led to a decline in downloading pirated material, it could be something as simple that fewer people wanted pirated material whether by rejection of the current material being offered over that of the model time period or the fact that their hard drives are already mostly full. Or any other 1000 things. Similarly, the prosecution of individuals may be a discredited policy or one that's out of fashion or one that's irrelevant either way. No one really knows. One small advantage to viewing piracy as a creators' rights issue is that you're not projecting a win/fail overlay on the matter, or opening up the bottom line for adjudication by the Grim Virtual Jury Of Really Certain People. But numbers are difficult to process no matter where your heart lies.
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