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September 10, 2007

Apologies in Charlottesville, Cleveland

* Amid what may be the most text I've ever seen in a television station news site story, cartoonist Grant Woolard explains the "Ethiopian Food Fight" cartoon that brought controversy to the University of Virginia student paper in which it appeared. I'm not sure how anyone could get through lines like "Similarly, depicting the Irish Potato Famine by no means implies a negative portrayal of Ireland" and not see an element of the absurd coming into play, but I'm certain that's a function of the situation rather than anything Woolard intends. Woolard's apology is described here, including the citation of some alt-comics superstars known for tackling thorny subject matter. Apparently, the cartoonist has been suspended indefinitely from his cartooning gig.

Here's a long, thoughtful summary article on the whole situation, including the role of Facebook in organizing the protest and the fact that the University of Virginia brings with it some very specific baggage when something occurs that has a racial component.

* The Cleveland Plain Dealer apologizes for a recent Jeff Darcy cartoon that constructed a joke/commentary out of the recent murder of a child.
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