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September 17, 2007

Apologies, Protests Dot Toon Landscape


A lot of these stories are beginning to run together, so I apologize if any of this is repeat business. You know, when I read stories like these, I'm always a little wary over how the protests are phrased. In many cases, I'm not sure that I believe that people have a right to not be offended as much as I do think they have a right to feel attacked and considered not a part of the community if they're assaulted on certain things about their culture and identity. A lot of these stories just sort of assume that any offense at all is a bad thing, up to and including criticizing someone's policies. Further, there's a really fine line being suggesting something is offensive with the understanding that such an offense cannot be tolerated, and employing the offense card to offer up a counter-argument against the political point stressed. I feel less guilty about my own muddied thinking on the subject in the light of actions and reactions to such stories that seem to border on the ludicrous.

* E&P reports on the editor of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer apologizing to the family of a young child recently deceased who was referenced or was believed to have been referenced in a Jeff Darcy cartoon.

* The ombudsman of the Washington Post gets into the issue of how that paper decided not to run a couple of Opus cartoons, and why that decision was, in the end, a bad one. One letter writer seems astonished by this story as it unfolded in another Opus client paper.

* Ted Vaden of Raleigh's News & Observer looks at the issue of editorial cartooning's place dead on, including a couple of local examples where it seems like people got mad, worked themselves into a bit of a state over the nature of this offense, and then crossed their arms and waited for the paper to apologize to them.

* R. Kelly Demographic Dept: Teenaged Hispanic girls locked in closets drinking urine always seems way more funny that it actually is (panel above). Protests are I'm sure to follow. PDF of full cartoon here.
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