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June 1, 2011

Apparently There Was Some Sort Of DC Announcement Yesterday

I'm playing catch today on yesterday's humongous story that DC Comics is relaunching its entire line including the addition of same-day digital offering. To be honest with you, I'm not exactly sure how to direct this site's coverage. It's a huge story that deserves to be covered. At the same time, there's a thin line between covering a story and assisting DC in its efforts to publicize what should be a summer-long roll-out for their plans.

imageIn case you missed it and are interested here was my initial take on the matter. I stand behind it as a first take, although I know there's at least one thing in there where I'm going to eventually spin things in a different direction.

Most of what I'm reading today is e-mail, but there are a few things out there that have been posted that have caught my attention. It looks like DC Comics' Source blog will be the main Multi-verse Crier for articles from DC's perspective. Today that includes noting this first mainstream press interview granted about the change, in USA Today and a subsequent analysis piece.

I trust Sean T. Collins as an outside observer on mainstream comics events and news. His initial take is here. Kiel Phegley is the day to day mainstream comics coverage guy I read, and here's an initial piece on some of the publishing particulars.

I haven't read a lot of the regular-reviewer reactions, but I did plow through this one by Yan Basque. Don MacPherson is another one in that group, and his blog is where I saw the first picture from the revamped Justice League. The Cyborg character from Teen Titans is a key player in this summer's Flashpoint crossover event series, and his inclusion here isn't surprising as much as confirmation they have wider-platform plans for him. That's a sturdy character, although I think the classic version is by far the most appealing iteration and I suspect we're not going to see that one.

This Brian Bendis post the writer Graeme McMillan uncovered made me laugh.

Retailer and industry advocate Brian Hibbs had a first take that mostly mirrored my own, here. The comments section underneath that post is worth its own read, as Hibbs has a fairly genteel group of regular comment-makers. A lot of retailers will look to hobby industry news hub, so I've read their two stories thus far as well.

Finally, Ed Brubaker speaks wise. Brubaker is speaking out against the glee expressed that people might go out of business; he's not hating on the future.
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