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October 13, 2004

Articles That Won’t Die: Lalo Alcaraz Profile

imageEvery so often, there appears a news feature that gets out on a national newswire and pops up for days or even weeks in various locations big and small throughout North America. Such is the case with this recent Andrea Almond profile of cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz that highlights the strip's aggressive take on the 2004 presidential election. Worth noting, or at least I missed it when it happened, is Almond's mention that the Fresno Bee newspaper dropped the strip earlier this year for what seems to be little more than the direction the political commentary had taken.

A great example of how articles like this can get around is Searcy Arkansas' own Anita Hamilton providing her take on the piece's appearance in Stars and Stripes.

A quick stop by Alcaraz's own web site indicates he's in the midst of a book tour. Scroll down about a screen's worth of space for remaining dates and locations.
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